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Aviary Basic

one wood

The Basic line consists of five rings designed and crafted in the Aviary shop. While more affordable, the Basic line does not lose the quality or durability of the rings.

Aviary Limited

three+ woods

Aviary Limited is a ring that is fully custom.


Made by hand in the Aviary shop, each ring is made to your specifications. Custom rings tell your story, and match your personality. 

Exotic and limited woods are available only with Aviary Limited. 

Aviary Select

two woods

The Select line gives you a few more options. Whether it would be a stripe of maple down the middle, or two completely different woods - the Select line is a great option for something a little more unique.

Aviary Odyssey

Upcycled Skate Decks

More than just a ring. Buying stories, scars, and a return to adventure.