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First Steps

The first step to creating a perfect Aviary ring is the selection of the wood. We source as much of the wood as possible from local hardwood stores where the wood has been kiln dried to ensure the soundness of the wood. If certain woods aren't available in town, we purchase the wood from top rated sellers online.


Once the wood has been acquired, we stabilize the wood. One of our most frequently asked questions is regarding the strength of the rings. With our stabilizing process, the woods' natural strength is increased immensely. They can be broken, but it won't be simply because you bent your finger the wrong way.

Our rings are beautiful, but durable. The stabilizing process removes all the air pockets from the wood and fills it with a solution that hardens inside the ring. The wood ultimately becomes a composite. In our rings, what isn't wood lends itself to enhancing the strength of the wood without compromising the natural look or feel.

Basic, Select, Limited?

You may have noticed that we have a few different product lines available.

Here's the scoop:

Aviary Basic

Our Aviary Basic line is the cheapest way to start wearing an Aviary ring. These rings are just one type of wood per ring and have fewer options for customization. They're simple yet elegant. The main reason for the low price threshold of these rings is that these rings are not completely made by hand. To speed up the process, these rings are initially cut out of a wood blank by a CNC machine. After our CNC does the cutting, we get to work finishing the ring. Every Aviary ring is finished by hand to ensure an incredibly smooth, glass like finish for ultimate comfort and style.

Aviary Select

Our Aviary Select line is the perfect mix between affordability and customization. The Select line has a wider selection of options available for customization and consists of two types of wood. Some of the Select rings will be cut out by the CNC machine and then finished by hand, while some Select rings will be 100% handcrafted. The process for using the machine vs. the process for handcrafting is completely dependent upon the need. The machine can't do everything that an Aviary craftsman can, and we adjust the process accordingly.

Aviary Limited

We adore our Aviary Limited line and we certainly hope you'll consider ordering one of these rings. These rings are the cream of the crop. And the best part? They're totally YOU. With the Basic and Select lines, you start with a base model and add certain customization options to personalize the ring. With Aviary Limited we start with a blank slate. First we set up a consultation in whatever method of correspondence works best for you, and then we help you build your perfect, personalized ring. The possibilities are endless and they're totally up to your imagination, but we will certainly lend our creativity as requested! Different types of wood? We can do that. Colored epoxy inlay into a groove? We can make it happen. You want the date of your anniversary engraved onto the ring and then you want the characters gilded with gold? You guessed it: we can handle that too.

The Aviary Limited line is 100% handcrafted by our most skilled craftsmen. If you want a ring that is completely yours, set up a consultation today!

Aviary Odyssey

Freedom. Speed. Adventure.


A skate deck epitomizes these things; it’s much more than just a simple piece of wood. For many, they’ve been the path to freedom, the catalyst to speed, and the gateway to adventure. The skate deck was there the first time you broke your arm, and it was still there when you finally nailed that kickflip. The skate deck got some new scars right alongside you when you hit that gravel patch on the road, and it held steady under you when you bombed the biggest hill in town. It’s seen more miles than you can remember and been in places you’ve long forgotten. The skate deck tells a story, and it’s one of excitement. With the Aviary Odyssey line, you're buying a ring made completely from upcycled skate decks. We like to think you're buying more than a ring, you're also buying stories, scars, and a return to adventure.


The Aviary Odyssey line doesn't just ask "How many adventures has your board been on?" it asks "How many more?"

Finishing Process

At Aviary Ring Co. we don't want you to worry about your ring all the time, so we spent years developing a finishing process that works. With the extreme wear and tear that rings get, a typical finishing process just didn't cut it.

We have a four step process that we follow on each ring to ensure maximum comfort, waterproofing, and longevity.

A magician never reveals his secrets, and we follow suit in certain areas. Suffice it to say that you can rest easy while wearing your ring and going about your day to day tasks. Wash your hands, do the dishes, finish that project you've been working on in the backyard and do it all while rocking the most stylish ring out there.

Ultimately, we do recommend removing it during showers, swimming, and hot tubbing, but let our signature style accompany you everywhere else!